Laser tag

Laser battle in the spaceship is a great idea for birthday parties and friendly get-togethers. Grab your laser gun and run into the biggest showdown in the galaxy!





Running, climbing and jumping over walls, cursing and physical contact with other players is prohibited.


Solo game

Shoot everyone

The ranks & colors follow the rainbow, with red being the top tier of players, and purple being the lowest tier of players. Colors update in real time – so if you go from last to first, expect to change from purple to red.

Red color - first position

Green color - 2nd - 6th position

Blue color - 7th - 11th position

Pink color - all others

Solo is a simple game in which players compete against each other in a solo free for all.

The player with the highest point score at the conclusion of the game is declared the winner.

This is a solo game where players have limited health.

When a player runs out of health, their game ends.

Last player standing wins!

This is the quintessential team game - in this game each player must tag the opposing players as many times as they can.

Communication & Teamwork is key.

Other arena devices might help or hinder your quest for victory.

This is a team game where players have limited health.

When a player runs out of health, their game ends.

When all players on a team are eliminated that team will be entirely eliminated from the game.

The last team standing wins!

The Vampires game is a variant on the standard team game. This is a survival style game. There are 2 classes of players - Humans and Vampires.

Vampires attempt to convert all humans to vampires by tagging them and taking all of their health points.

Humans attempt to destroy the vampire by tagging them and taking their heath points.

Vampires have limited health and must tag humans in order to turn them into vampires. If a Vampire runs out of health, they are eliminated from the game.

Humans have a limited amount of health and power, they must tag the vampire(s) to eliminate them from the game. If the human runs out of health they are turned into a vampire. If they run out of power they are defenseless and must evade being turned into a vampire for the rest of the game.

This is a team game. Each team has a Commander that players can tag to gain bonus points.

The first player on the team to activate their phaser in the game is selected as the commander for their team.

Commanders are white, all other players are their team color.

Base Flags is a team game where players must tag the opposing base.

Players start the game with no health. They must proceed to their base, where they are energized with the max health setting.

They then must proceed to the opposing teams bases where they only need to tag it once to destroy it. When the base is destroyed, a random opponent player will be turned off.

Capture The Flag is a team game orientated around bases, where players must work together to attempt to steal the opposition’s flag and return it to their base to capture it.

When a player has picked up the opposition’s flag by tagging their base, they must return it to their own base by tagging it.

Players must collect keys to destroy all opponents.

To do this they must tag the keys (bases) a set number of times.

When a player is on the last key to tag all bases go into a “Ready for KA-Boom!” state, all keys are locked out and go white.

The player that needs the last key color changes to White, all players must focus on getting this player before they collect the last key!

Players with no keys will not get points for tagging other players.

. If a player has at least 1 key they get 100 points for tagging other players. If a player collects enough keys for a “Ready for KA-Boom!” state they get 1000 points. If the player gets a “KA-Boom!” then they receive 1000 points per player in the game.

When a player gets a “KA-Boom!”, every player will be deactivated and the keys will be reset.


  • Battle arena - play with others
  • 4
  • 15 minutes
  • Game mode selection
  • Lounge area
  • Birthday package for children 2h
  • 180
  • Paket za 8 djece
  • Svako iduće dijete - 10€ - max. 21 dijete
  • Animator included
  • Snacks and drinks included
  • One parent can play for free
  • From 7-15 years
  • Download invitation template
  • Private arena
  • 5
  • Price per player
  • Minimum 10 players
  • 15 minutes of play
  • Game mode selection
  • Dodatni igrač - 5€
  • Maximum of 11 additional players